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Daniel Harding

I heartily recommend Alex Ross' mighty tome, 'The Rest Is Noise;' it fair fizzles with ideas to set you thinking. His new one comes out next month; we should find some way of altering the space-time contimuum to allow additional hours to get through all the books one wants to!

Adam's two-piano piece 'Hallelujah Junction' is worth hearing as well: it's a rambunctious ride! Must add the book to my list as well... *reaches for space-time continuum altering device...


Ooh, a new Alex Ross! I'm very much enjoying The Rest is Noise - started it a couple of nights ago and having trouble putting it down. It's also sparked a previously unsuspected desire in me to listen to Strauss. Not Mahler though :-D And I do highly recommend the Adams book - it's really more about the composition process and reflections on where pieces worked and where they didn't than a true autobiography, but I think that's what keeps it humming along where a number of other composer bios trail off. I felt the ending was a little weak, but I'm willing to forgive him that as the rest of it was so fascinating.

Oh, and sign me up for that space-time-continuum-altering device - DEFINITELY need one of those!

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