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what are "hundreds and thousands"? fellow snackheads want to know!


hmm. i'm not sure what they're called in other parts of the world, but they're tiny multi-coloured spherical sugar sprinkles. they don't really have a flavour - just sweet and pretty. Some pictures here for reference :


where i come from only the round multi-coloured ones are really hundreds and thousands - the long sort, or where they're all one colour are just sprinkles and the larger metallic-coloured ones are silver or gold cachous


When I moved to NZ, I had to ask someone what the heck a 100 and 1000 was!

In the US, they're commonly called rainbow nonpareils.  You can even buy them on Amazon.com.  Is there anything you can't buy on amazon.com??

Anyway, minim, have never seen 100s&1000s covered mallow puffs before.  We've got all kinds of varieties here now (as I'm sure you do in Oz) but none like that.

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